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What's in the Couple Prayer Series, and why it will

help you learn how to pray together as a couple

more closely, comfortably and consistently. 


pray together in couple prayer




The Couple Prayer Series was created to help married couples more fully enjoy the life-changing intimacy of praying together as husband and wife closely, comfortably and consistently.  Six DVDs plus included print materials provide a world of information and proven encouragements about the “whats,” “whys,” and “how-tos” of successful couple prayer, while 42 session-related "Daily Prayer Experiences" plus the video experiences of couples whose marriages have been truly transformed by couple prayer offer ongoing encouragements throughout the six sessions of the Series.




The First Week:

Laying Helpful Groundwork 

In the first session, we share more about why being able to pray together is so marrriage-changing, explain why most Christian couples are, in fact, choosing not to pray closely together today, offer you proven principles to ensure that your shared prayers will be both comfortable and very much blessed, and more.  The first week’s seven "Daily Prayer Experiences" invite you to talk and pray about what you're hoping God will do for you through the series, what concerns you may have going in, and what you're willing to do to help make this a life-changing experience for you both. 


The Second Week:

Thanking God Together

There’s no better and safer way to begin praying together than to “Enter the gates of God with your thanks.(Ps 100:4). God is so good. Anybody can do this, and it's enormously blessed. To help you begin thanking God out loud and together in simple and meaningful ways, this week’s video and Daily Prayer Experiences offer you strongly encouraging "reasons why" thanking God is so blessed, personal experiences of couples who know the amazing togetherness it brings, and a whole menu of ways that you can quickly and easily "Enter the gates of God" together with thanks at any time you want.

The Third Week:

Asking God's Help Together


In this session, you'll not only find helpful suggestions about praying for yourselves, others and your circumstances, but we also pay special attention to those hardest of all  times when you may have prayed your heart out and nothing seemed to change at all; those heartache times when we may feel like crying out to God, "Where are you now?"  This week's Daily Prayer Experiences focus on asking for God's help using the seven major “names” given to God through biblical history.  It's an awesome list about our awesome God, and you'll find each one an amazing grace to pray with.


The Fourth Week:

Praying With Scripture Together

Of all the powerful couple prayer resources available, the bible is the mother lode.  Even if you're not yet at home with the bible, you'll find it an inexhaustible source of help; the one resource that really is "alive and active" with the presence of God.  To that end, we offer many solid suggestions about how to find closer experiences with God in every biblical event and revelation, how to see your own lives reflected in every biblical promise and prayer, and how to enjoy whole new levels of intimacy together as you grow more able to "taste and see goodness of the Lord" in scripture. (Ps 34:8)

The Fifth Week:

Worshipping God Together

Letting ourselves be loved by God and returning God's love with our thanks, praise and worship, is what we're made for. It's the real you. It's your real home. It's "the one thing you can do on earth that you'll do forever in heaven."  What we want to help you experience this week is the fact that simply letting God love you is the real heart of worship.  Whatever words, gestures, songs or silences the Holy Spirit causes to rise up in you as a result will be wonderful. But it will be your "I will let you love me!"  that will shape your deepest experiences in the wonders of worship.

The Sixth Week:

Praying For The Power

To Forgive Together

Forgiveness is why Jesus came.  He preached it, insisted on it, modeled it, offered it lavishly, and died on the cross crying out for it.(Lk 23:34)  But how can we pray together as a couple for that same power to forgive, as Jesus said, "from your heart." (Mt 18:35)  In all the grateful feedback we’ve received about this series, it's this closing session, Praying for the Power to Forgive, that's been the most appreciated and life-changing for most couples. Yes, to “Forgive from your heart” is not only possible, it is a priceless gift available to all of us, both as individuals and as married couples, 




God has a wonderful "sighting" of all that your marriage was meant to be. He's had that sighting of your well-being since before there was a planet for you to be born on, and He has it still.  So no matter what you've been through, or what nervousness you still may carry, please, give God a chance to bless you as you pray together.  Even if it's not through this Series, find someone; some program or book or individual or praying couple to help you get there. But give God a chance. Give His promises a chance.  Because it's true. Couple Prayer really does change everything!

     Watch a 9-minute preview segment of the Series by opening the "Blog" at the far right of the pages listing above.

Created for every Christ-centered married or engaged couple


The focus of the Together with Jesus Couple Prayer Series is simply and solely to help any Christ-centered married or engaged couple learn

how to pray together more openly, comfortably, safely, supportively

and consistently. .Everything else blossoms with that.  And God

is so good.  It's so easily and quickly experienced!

Guaranteed to be a blessing or it costs you nothing.


If you don't find that your "Together with Jesus Couple Prayer Series"

 results in a noticeably new closeness in your marriage relationship,

we welcome you to send your undamaged Series back

to the return address on its delivery package for a prompt refund.


(Although we're happy to add that over the years we've not had a single return to date)

Generations will reap what you sow in Couple Prayer

We ask you to give close and thoughtful consideration to that statement: “Generations will reap what you sow in Couple Prayer.” 


We ask that you remember it from time to time, even years down the road, recognizing again and again what God has begun in you, and why.


Consider again that generations will be involved in your commitment to pray together on a regular basis as a couple joined in Jesus Christ.


This is not just for you, and it isn't just for now. Your children are involved.  Your grandsons and granddaughters are involved.  Your great-grandchildren are involved.  Wheels will have been put into motion through your prayers for times and places and people beyond your vision; times and places and people well beyond any present sighting of what Couple Prayer might mean to you today.


The whole family of your son or daughter may be

brought into the heart of God thirty or forty or fifty

years from now through what God will be doing in you and in your marriage and family through your commitment to share your prayers together.


The mission that your great-grandchild may live out someday to bring a million people to God in some given place, in some given year, may literally begin

Pray together in couple prayer

to turn and move slowly forward through the prayers you pray together as a couple in the months and years ahead, even though they might be shared for just a few minutes a day, and as simple as the prayers you share might seem.


We cannot see with certainty all the hidden plans of God, or measure His movements.  But we do know with absolute certainty that God is calling us to pray together as married couples.  And we know that no prayer is ever shared in faith and in love without altering the balance of the activity of God.


So this is our continuing appeal to you, and prayer for you, as you consider this Series: “Fan into a flame the gift of God that is in you.” (2 Timothy 1:6)  


Fan into a flame the extraordinary gift that God has spread out before you in Couple Prayer, and don’t let that flame burn out, not for as long as you live.


“Generations will reap what you sow in Couple Prayer.”

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