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Welcome to a very simple miracle



One of the saddest facts of our lives is the fact that marriages are under so many pressures today that the institution of marriage itself is being questioned, demeaned and often dismissed altogether..


The effects of those heightened pressures show clearly in at least two ways.  First, in the growing numbers of what counselors, pastors and other helping professionals refer to as “married singles;” those still-married couples who, due to their ever more complex, demanding and multi-directed responsibilities, are essentially living their lives as two married singles, with him going his way to manage his life and she going her way to manage hers.  And secondly -- the end result for many "married singles" -- the fact that, while marriage percentages in the U.S. are now at an all-time low, divorce percentages are at an all-time high, with divorces actually out-numbering marriages in more and more counties across the country (including our own county in SE Michigan, which crossed that line in 2010).


But this isn't a site about the problem.  This is about the answer.  And, as simplistic as it may seem to put something so powerful so concisely, yes, there is an answer.  It's tested.  It's proven . And it's easily accessible to any and every married couple, anywhere, including, to date, couples in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Mexico, Samoa, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, England, Pakistan and Ireland.


After sharing personally for the last sixteen years with thousands of married couples about how Christ-centered husbands and wives -- including couples from two different denominational backgrounds -- can safely and successfully pray together in close, comfortable, mutually faith-filled and mutually life-giving ways, we very much believe that we’ve been witnessing the blessed expansion of the single most important, most strongly proven, most easily accessible, and most clearly God-given answer to the chaotic waves that so many married couples are struggling to swim safely through today.  And it's prayer, couple prayer, praying together as a husband and wife on a regular, ongoing basis.


And, being God-given, the gift of becoming able to safely and lovingly pray together as a married couple is totally natural for all of us.  Praying closely together as a husband and wife on a regular basis is, in fact, your “real marriage home.”  It is that high and shining place where God had envisioned that your marriage would be well-lived and fully enjoyed since before there was even a planet for you to walk on. 


And so, welcome.  Welcome to the life-changing blessings that married couples around the world are gratefully experiencing in more and more intimately close and mutually-supportive ways. 


Welcome to the beautiful, simple miracle called “Couple Prayer.”



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