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The "very simple miracle" of couple prayer For any couples who want to experience the complete Couple Prayer Series together in the comfort of their own home, and/or experience it with other couples in a small, in-home faith-support group.  A free Spanish-language CD of the Series'"42 Daily Prayer Experiences" is available when you note that request as you place your order.

Couple Prayer Series Home Edition

  • The Home Edition contains six Couple Prayer Series video presentations on separate DVDs plus a CD-ROM (MS Word) with 42 session-related “Daily Prayer Experiences” inviting your shared discussion and prayers at your own most convenient times and in your own home. Also included is an 8-page “How to” booklet to help guide you even more safely and surely into the life-changing blessings of "the most intimate act between a man and a woman.”
    *** To receive a free Spanish Language CD (in MS Word) of the series' "42 Daily Prayer Experiences" simply add "Spanish Language Prayer CD" as a note on your order form.
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