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Our completely tax-deductible Couple Prayer Series package for Church CP Series Facilitators makes it easy to successfully offer the full Series to large numbers of couples in churches or other larger-scale venues. The now simpler-than-ever package offers solidly-proven "how-to" content throughout, as well as God's unshakable promise that the new intimacy and unity it assures  attending couples can be offered in a series of genuinely safe, simple and comfortable Couple Prayer-forming steps; steps that will generate life-changing blessings for every couple  experiencing them.  

Couple Prayer Series Church Facilitator Edition

  • For “out of the box” presentation ease, the Facilitator Edition provides six video Couple Prayer presentations on separate DVDs, a CD with start-to-finish organizational, presentation and follow-up suggestions for a smooth-running Series, and 42 session-related “Daily Prayer Experiences” (MS Word) for printing and distributing to attending couples over the six weeks of your Series. These daily Prayer Experience invite couples to share their discussions and prayers at their own most convenient times and in their own home. Also included is a “How To” booklet to help you guide attending couples into the life-changing blessings of “the most intimate act between a man and a woman.” Also, to receive a free Spanish Language CD (MS Word) of the "42 Daily Prayer Experiences" offered with the series, just add "Spanish Language Couple Prayer CD" as a note on your order form. you'll maintain full permission to duplicate and distribute all 42 of these experiences to anyone attending your Series.
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