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Couple Prayer Series Hungry For God

pray together in couple prayer

      Your being able to pray together as a couple in safe and loving ways

is a hope God surely shares with you for your marriage.

   If that's where you want your marriage to be, we can absolutely help you get there.  a



Couple Prayer Series

Welcome to a very simple miracle:

 Thoughts about sharing the extraordinary blessings of a very simple miracle




Couple Prayer Series, Hungry For God, Couple Smiling

The Proof of Research:

"Praying together is the most powerful predictor of marital happiness that researchers

 have yet discovered."      Andrew Greeley, Faithful Attraction (New York: TOR 1991), 292





Couple Prayer Series
Couple Prayer Series

The Couple Prayer Series:

View the 9 minute video preview from the first session in the Blog above.  The Series that follows those first minutes is life-giving.   Life-changing.  Easy to share. Comfortable.  Successfull.  Even guaranteed.

“Praying together is profound.  It's the keys to the

 kingdom.    It's foundational.  It's the solution."

“This was awesome.  To come together to God as

  a couple surpassed any expectations we had.”.

​“More than we can say, couple prayer has  

 been a special help in our lives.”

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